Pricing Examples


Animation: Classroom by Christophe Seux

Let's assume you are rendering an advanced animation consisting of 145 frames. Each frame takes just over 3 minutes to render on a machine with 72 CPU cores.
In this case, your normalized compute minutes will be 333500. Divide your normalized compute minutes by 100 and the result is your consumed render units.

Settings: 1920x1080 @ 300 spp

145 (frames) * 3.1 (minutes) * 72 (CPU cores) / 100 = 323.6 RU ($38.83)


Single Frame: BMW Benchmark by Mike Pan

It is also possible to just render a single, high-quality frame. This benchmark of the popular BMW took just under 4 minutes to render on a 72 core machine. Your normalized compute minutes add up to 284 in this case. The result: 2.9 render units.

Settings: 1920x1080 @ 1255 spp

3 minutes * 72 (CPU cores) / 100 = 2.16 RU ($0.26)

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